Beat Roots, Vol. 1: Inspired by classic hip-hop, we've produced and arranged percussion tracks, ready to download and use in your music project(s). Created by Arhanta Studio, our goal is to give back to Hip-Hop. The innovations found in rap and scratch music from 1984-'95 informed our creative foundation, and to this day reminds us to celebrate individuality within a team. Peace!

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Tempo: 106 bpm • sample list

Demo [33 MB]
Tempo: 98 bpm • sample list

Demo [42 MB]
Tempo: 96 bpm • sample list

Demo [12 MB]
Tempo: 95 bpm • Camilo's uncut WAV file

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Tempo: 90 bpm • Camilo's uncut WAV file

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Tempo: 89 bpm • Camilo's uncut WAV file


BeatRoots created by Arhanta Artists:
B.J. Capelli, Camilo Nascimento, Norm Scott and Hunter Schindo.

Beat Roots Vol 1. by Arhanta Studio is licensed under a
Creative Commons License  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Check out our first example using BEAT ROOTS:
"Tasty Beats & Fine Cuts" Episode. 1
by Arhanta Artist Norm Scott.
Featuring beats from Beat Roots Vol. 1 (See Track info.)

"Tasty Beats & Fine Cuts" Episode. 1 by Arhanta Artist Norm Scott

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Companion audio track to the release of Arhanta Studio's "Beat Roots Vol. 1" old-school beat loops package, and corresponding art show at Gimme Coffee, Ithaca NY, June 1-30, 2016.

Beats performed by B.J. Capelli. • Scratching, sampling, arranging and mixing by Norm Scott.

Featuring beat samples from "Jazz", "Lyte", "Bells", and "Moon". A JOURNEY. Part 1 - “Astronauts Doin’ It On The Launch Pad” • Part 2.1 - “Blastoff: Feeling Lonely in Orbit” • Part 2.2 - “Debate Among 2 Rigid Bodies” • Part 2.3 - “Second Stage Separation Anxiety” • Part 3 - “Intercepting Transmissions from the Beyond” • Part 4.1 - “Beholding the Beauty of the Satellite” • Part 4.2 - “Unplanned Descent” • Part 4.3 - “Sliding Down the Side of a Crater” • Part 5 - “Outro” • TO BE CONTINUED...

Samples list: • The Analyst - Bing Crosby - Sun Ra - Grover Sings the Blues - Song of the South - Jesus Christ Superstar - Star Trek - a couple of staple “Ahhh” samples off of Dirtstyle - Mesak - Dad’s morse code tape - Laurie Anderson - Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House - Carl Sagan - J Dilla - Kraftwerk - Quintron - “fart laughter” tape - Aquaman - The Language and Music of the Wolves - Star Wars Picture Disc - Disco Dancing instructional record - William Burroughs - and more.

Intro (1:04)     

Blastoff (3:45)   

Incoming (1:14)   

Moon (4:44)    

Outro (0:23)   

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TASTY BEATS 08.16.2017
Arhanta Studio livestream broadcast (featuring BEAT ROOTS Samples & Art) is available at

BEAT ROOTS Release! Art Show @
gimme! coffee • Ithaca NY • June 1-29, 2016

Notice: Foundation Code : SOLD.

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50% of sales will be donated to GIAC Teen programs.

Photo gallery below by Tom Beckman Photography

Art by Arhanta Artists Camilo Nascimento and Hunter Schindo

Special Thanks to

Angry Mom Records for providing the records, Ithaca Generator for stencil laser cutting, MasterCraft Custom Framing & Fine Art for the painting hanging systems, REP Studio for recording the live drum performances, and William "B" Clune for designing and building the record mount structures (You can easily fasten and unfasten the mounted vinly records, these pieces are a thing of beauty).

Song for Arhanta, a poem submitted by Mario Hernandez, thx!