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Camilo Nascimento, Project Manager

Services: Graphic Design / Illustration, Project Management, Web Design and Development, Visual Art Education
Projects: Arhanta Studio, Arhanta Comics and Beat Roots (concept development and art), Armchair Drummer (graphics)

B.J. Capelli

Services: Audio and Music Production, Music Composition and Education
Projects: Beat Roots (concept development and percussion), Armchair Drummer (project mgmt.)

William "B" Clune

Services: Concept Development, Sculpting
Projects: Arhanta Comics (concept design and development), Beat Roots (custom woodwork)

Andrew Dorn

Services: Concept Development, Commissioned Painting, Jewelry Design, Production and Education
Projects: Arhanta Comics (concept design and development)

Scott Pardee

Services: Music Composition and Production
Projects: Arhanta Comics, Pillar (original music)

Dan Alex Rivera

Services: Voice-Over Acting
Projects: Arhanta Comics, Olimax (voice-overs)

Hunter Schindo

Services: Animation, Audio and Video Production, Graphic Design, Music Composition, Web Design and Development
Projects: Arhanta Comics (audio, logo, web design), Arhanta Studio (logo), Beat Roots (concept development and art)

Norm Scott

Services: Animation, Audio and Video Production, Music Composition
Projects: Beat Roots (concept development, original music)




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